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Welcome to Spookspotters Paranormal Research

Do you believe you have a haunted house? Do you feel like you are sharing your premises with a guest you cannot necessarily see? Do you feel like you are being watched? Perhaps you have seen or heard a presence? You are not alone. Whether it is an investigation that you seek to determine the truth about your situation, whether it is the problem itself you want to have solved or perhaps you are just after a friendly ear, someone who will listen to your concerns and allay your fears. Spookspotters may be in a position to help you.

Please browse our site, learn more about us as a team and what we endeavour to do in each instance. See a selection of the equipment we have at our disposal and learn more about us and our backgrounds.

If you have a premises you seek urgent advice on or you wish to report a ghost please contact us One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternately you can download our "Unusual Occurence Form" and email or fax it to us to expedite the process.

If you need immediate assistance please consider visiting our web based forum community for general real time assistance at

Who are we?

The forum of is a group of people from different experiences and backgrounds, seeking answers and looking for truth behind various unexplained or paranormal phenomena. We explore a variety of ideas, share, learn and listen in a friendly setting. We meet for investigations and try to advise where we can.

Spookspotters is the active Investigation Group of We do not pretend to know everything about paranormal phenomena but together we hope to learn more about this unseen dimension. We do not claim to be experts in the field of the paranormal, as no experts exist when it comes to the supernatural, no matter what anyone may claim or who may claim to be one. We are instead working to present an image of competent researchers who are collecting the most authentic evidence possible of any afterlife. We are not professional parapsychologists. We are a group of interested people doing our best at learning about the unknown.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to research unexplainable events by collecting objective evidence using advanced technology/equipment and investigative techniques. We go into an investigation with an open mind but we NEVER assume that an event is Paranormal until all the evidence has been reviewed. We believe that subjective (mediums, psychics or sensitive's) evidence is not credible unless you have the objective data to support it. We do not disregard the ability of those that say they are sensitive however we do not solely rely on subjective evidence to prove or disprove whether a place is haunted! We welcome anyone who is sensitive to join our group.

Spookspotters would like to raise the standards of paranormal investigations by not putting out evidence that is "shaky" and easily "debunked". We will not skew or embellish our results to fit the expectations of others or grab the attention of the MEDIA. Groups who think every investigation will yield evidence of "ghosts" or present "debunk able" evidence for the sole purpose of grabbing "the headlines " hurt those who are trying to change the public's perception of true, professional Ghost Hunters.


The goals of the group are to seek out authenticate evidence of ghosts, research ghost stories, sightings and conduct investigations into the paranormal activity in the states of Australia.

We are here to try and understand the great mystery out there. We want to present the paranormal (or what we feel may be paranormal) as honestly as possible. nor Spookspotters is not in competition with any other paranormal website or group and our combined belief is that all can bring something important to the paranormal table. We want to work and play well with others and extend our open hands to any group visiting our area.

Through research, investigation, and experimentation, we hope to bring greater knowledge and greater understanding to the general public free of charge.

Spookspotters will endeavour to present the study of the paranormal, when requested (and agreed) to do so, with neutrality and the position that the study of things considered to be paranormal in nature is a serious and viable field of research and investigation.

Want more information?

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